Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Art of Feedback

One day, an IT Manager from another company saw the Help Desk Samurai at a coffee shop. Approaching the Samurai, the manager inquired of him."I have just finished giving my yearly performance reviews to my staff. Yet instead of being grateful for my feedback, they are resentful and grumble against me. They say that I do not care about their development, and they feel blindsided by some of the things I said about their performance. What should I do?"The Samurai looked at the manager, but said nothing.Wanting a response from the Samurai, the manager continued to talk. "I spent weeks putting together those performance reviews from notes I had written throughout the year. Why don't they appreciate the work I did on their behalf?The Samurai still said nothing, but pulled out his Blackberry and began to type.After a minute, he looked up at the manager and said "Come back to me in December, and we will discuss this further."The manager was crestfallen. "But I hoped for your direction today. Is there a reason I need to wait until December?""Of course there is." the Samurai replied, "and it's an excellent reason." He held out his Blackberry. "But don't worry, I am already taking notes about you. I will look over them right before we meet again."Upon hearing this, the manager was enlightened.

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